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Top-Base Method is able to provide a solid warehouse foundation using our new foundation method.

The warehouse is where goods are received, stored and dispatched rapidly, efficiently and effectively. Warehouses are most often found on industrial estates, where they offer ease of access to customers and companies to pick up or drop off goods.

There are 5 types of warehouses, which are:

General Warehouse

General Warehouse

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Shed Shortage

Flammable Or Hazardous Storehous

Flammable or Hazardous Storehous

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Controlled Humidity Warehouse

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Cold Storage Warehouse

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Warehouse Foundation for Construction

The warehouse foundation plays an important role in determining its susceptibility to natural hazards. Some challenges that should be taken into consideration when selecting foundation materials include fixed or pinned support conditions at concrete pedestal top, uplift due to wind, and soil liquefaction potential.

Steel is commonly used as the main structure or frame of a warehouse in order to withstand external weather factors and heavy loads. Besides that, it is also long-lasting, durable, and much affordable compared to other materials used for commercial construction. 

In order to affix the cladding and roof to the frame, interlocking steel poles and pipes are attached and welded together.

Sometimes, screw pile foundations are used as they can withstand fluctuations in ground temperature and heavy load bearing.

The helix plate at the bottom of the shaft of screw piles keeps them anchored in place after they are driven below the frost line. Consequently, they remain stable regardless of any ground movements. No matter what the soil type or environmental constraints may be, these piles can be installed.


Other times, metals are used as materials in warehouse construction. 

Other materials such as fiberglass, corrugated plastic, PVC, wood, stone, and rubber are used in the warehouse construction for the roof, walls, shelves, etc. 

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Hire Skillful Warehouse Builder for Your Warehouse Construction

We’re experienced warehouse builders who understand your warehousing needs. We ensure that our warehouse construction are 


You can design and layout your warehouse facility in a way that provides greater flexibility, and there is also more room for goods storage in warehouse buildings without need for interior columns.


Construction methods and materials being used are more rapid and efficient than conventional construction methods.


Construction methods and materials being used are more rapid and efficient than conventional construction methods.


High quality steels are used to construct these noncombustible warehouses. Our engineers are certified to build warehouses that meet or exceed the local building codes as well as the hot and humid temperature.

Why choose Top-Base Method as your warehouse builder?

Top-base method provides you with these benefits:

  • Save foundation cost by 20% to 40%
  • Shorten the construction period by 50% to 60%
  • Even on soft ground, the foundation has high soil bearing capacity
  • Prevent non-uniform settlement and reduces settlement
  • Provide earthquake-proof, vibration-proof, and vibro-absorption effect
  • No special equipment needed for this simple construction method
  • Only small device and few manpower needed
  • Do not cause construction pollution such as noises and vibrations
  • Constructible within narrow place and building inside

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