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is specialized in foundation design and construction of Top-Base Method in Malaysia. We are established in Jan 2010, based
in Kluang, Johor Darul Takzim. Top-base Method is a considered a new foundation technology in Malaysia but this technology has been developed since 1990 ‘s in Korea, and the technology is pioneered by J&G Holdings co., Ltd which is TOP-BASEMETHOD (M) SDN BHD’s mother company. We provide economical foundation solution and our technology comes from Korea patented foundation system.

We are considered as pioneers in using TOP-BASE METHOD and it has attracted engineers attention in Japan and Korea. It is used on very soft ground to reduce the consolidation settlement and to increase the bearing capacity of a foundation.

It is found so far that the top-base foundation prevents the lateral deformation of soft ground and reduces its negative dilatation to reduce the surface settlement, and that the foundation creates rather uniform stress distribution under it to increase its bearing capacity.A new method has been invented which assembles the top-shaped concrete blocks and places them on the ground. A group of the top blocks can be used as a shallow foundation replacing the piles. It has been reported that many real structures constructed with the new method show drastic effects of reducing settlement and increasing bearing capacity of the structures.

Now in Malaysia, TOP-BASE METHOD (M) SDN BHD brings this technology to contribute one part of the environmental friendly which no construction pollution such as vibrations or noises. Furthermore this method is a simple construction without using special equipment and also reduced the total costs of the construction. This method will contribute in “Green City” development without any defect occurred.



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